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Queers With Mental Illness

Being Queer Doesn't Make You Crazy

For Queer People Living With Mental Illness
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For queer people with mental illnesses that don't believe their GLBTQIA status makes them crazy.
Being mentally ill doesn't make us queer. Being queer doesn't make us mentally ill. But some of us are both. This is a community for those people.

Follow common courtesy.

1. No sexist comments.
2. No homophobic comments.
3. No transphobic comments.
3. No ableist comments.
4. No disabling of comments.
5. No screening of comments
6. No deleting of comments
7. No scripts

Please put information that may be triggering under a cut. This includes sexual and physical assault, drug use, and self-harm.

Everyone here deserves to be treated with respect and dignity. And if it isn't possible for you to comply with these rules, YOU WILL BE BANNED.

Mods are apwizardry, chasingtides, and fabmadamj. If you have any complaints or concerns, feel free to contact us.

We are aware that "crazy" and "queer" can be construed as negative terms. "Crazy" is being used similarly as it is used in crazymeds and crazy_academics. There aren't a lot of short words for "mentally ill." And "queer" is being used to be all encompassing of the GLBTQIA community, as it is used in communities such as queer_rage.